Private Lessons

Soccer is a team sport – how can private lessons help?

The most obvious answer is that you get one-on-one pointers. Coach Baldini was coached by professional, high level coaches, and his lessons combine the best of what he learned from them, plusĀ  his own experiences as player and coach (see the “about Coach Baldini” tab.)

He can get a young child started right because he teaches correct techniques for the basics of soccer: stopping, ball handing, dribbling, passing, shooting on goal, etc.

He can fine-tune the skills of more experienced players, pointing out subtle changes in position. Learn tactical skills that can give you an advantage when competing for a place on a team, and mental strategies for winning games.

If you live in or near the Richmond, Virginia area, contact Coach Baldini to arrange for lessons. Price may vary according to number of lessons and/or number of participants. He can instruct one child or more, or even a whole team.

Tel: 1-804-598-6348



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